I attended a presentation at a local university in my hometown and I gave a small talk on web design and development topics. The main discussion focus was about the junior students and their path to becoming developers and perhaps future colleagues.

The meeting was cool, a success, not the first I was attending, but one question a student asked stuck in my mind and especially the answer that another speaker gave to that specific question.

3-in-1 full-stack developer

Q- “What’s the difference between a front-end and a full-stack developer?”

A- “Well, think about a full-stack developer as a 3-in-1 person who can serve as a backend, a front-end and a DevOps”.

OK 😑

Well, hearing this 3-in-1 wording was weird, at least, especially when having this in mind, or this. But what do I know, I’m a front-end developer, sorry, web developer… I mean I sometimes do websites, when I’m not ranting.

I felt like I had to write this happening down but there are some good articles on this matter in the wild and I strongly advise to go read them: