An SEO story on the website name from the Google SERP

Or what happens when you don’t specify a website name within the title tag, then Google grabs one for you from your h1, later on you switch to a new domain and get stuck with the old website name. Oh and that’s because you didn’t add a website name this time either.

Website name within the Google SERP

Fancy new selectors within groups can break your CSS rule

I was working on enhancing a bit my responsive dropdown menu by adding the CSS :focus-within pseudo-class in order to tab through the dropdown menu items.

To avoid duplication, I thought it is a smart move to group this new fancy CSS :focus-within pseudo-class with an existing selector. It was beautiful and it looked a lot like a progressive enhancement but in the end, it broke the entire CSS rule within browsers that do not support the CSS :focus-within, e.g. IE.

CSS selectors within groups

The 3-in-1 full-stack developer

I attended a presentation at a local university in my hometown and I gave a small talk on web design and development topics. The main discussion focus was about the junior students and their path to becoming developers and perhaps future colleagues.

The meeting was cool, a success, not the first I was attending, but one question a student asked stuck in my mind and especially the answer that another speaker gave to that specific question.

3-in-1 full-stack developer

SVG icon system within Pug/Jade

I’m working on a project that uses Node.js and Pug, formerly Jade, to generate a static website and I couldn’t be more happy about how this works.

Still, one thing was bothering me for some time, and namely how to efficiently include a minified, production-ready SVG icon system, using symbols within the Pug pages.

The Pug templating engine logo and a code snippet containing a SVG icon system with symbols

JS array from an array-like object

I remember the struggle and the misunderstanding as I was trying to iterate over a NodeList collection with no success. In this article you’ll see how to convert an array-like object like NodeList to a real Array using different methods.

JavaScript array from array-like object

ES6 const is not constant or immutable

I gave a quick talk on JS a while ago on hoisting in JS and while discussing on how hoisting apply to variable declarations, we imminently reached to ES6’s let and const. So we began talking about the difference between var, let and const and how const is not really a constant or immutable.

JavaScript const and Object.freeze()

Use a given version of Node.js on a Jenkins project

Like many others, we’re using Jenkins at Caphyon for tasks like testing or deploying some of our projects. These days I had to figure out a way to have a different Node.js version on a Jenkins project bound to a branch I was working on.


Hoisting in JavaScript

Two weeks ago I gave a lightning talk at Caphyon on hoisting in JavaScript. Putting aside all the common jokes about the JS language, people really seemed to like it. It was kind of a challenge to talk about JS while having an audience of C++ and Java colleagues.

Now getting back to the talk, that was lightning ⚡️ fast and it didn’t covered that much as I would’ve liked to. So I’ll try to write a bit more on JavaScript scoping and hoisting bellow.

JS the good parts vs the definitive guide

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