The New Year is coming and I have wrote this short post to thank you all sincerely for reading my articles. I think I should say it more often as well.

Thank you (2012)

2012 and me

  • I turned 27 years old. Still young and restless.

  • I celebrated 2 years since I got married to my beautiful wife Larisa.

  • I managed to redesign my website. Nothing too fancy, but I finally made it!

  • It has been 4 years since I work at Caphyon. Still love it.

  • I wrote about 25 articles on here… in a year. Less is more :) Yeah right! Actually I have to improve my ninja skills to beat procrastination.

  • My only guest post this year was published on Speckyboy. Procrastination striked… again.

  • I did a lot of small, insignificant things…

P.S. How did you spent the end of the world? I was working.

Some articles you liked

Since we’re still here, as the end of the world is postponed, check the below list with some of the articles you liked, tweeted or commented on this year:

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New Year’s resolutions

  • I’ve always been crazy about soccer, big fan and amateur player. In 2013 I will try to do sport more often than I do now.

  • When I started as a freelancer years ago, I met Photoshop and it was my first love. Then I discovered that CSS is definitely one of my passions too. Next year, I will give my best to learn more about JavaScript.

  • I must admit I never read to much, other than technical books. So, in the future I want to improve that and read more.

  • Least but not last, I wish to be healthy and get rich and famous! :)