Designing websites for iPhone X, they say

Upon the iPhone X release, I did enjoy the jokes and memes on Jony Ive and his notch haircut, or how to implement a scrolling list that shifts to avoid the notch. Those were funny. But the below excerpt from latest WebKit post on “Designing websites for iPhone X” isn’t.

… selectively apply padding to elements that contain important content, in order to ensure that they are not obscured by the shape of the screen.

Designing websites for iPhone X. How about no.

CSS utility classes for sizing and naming conventions

It happens pretty often to encounter situations when you don’t like a default style for an HTML element. The methodology that has proven to be reliable over time is to use the so-called CSS utility classes. Their purpose is to allow you to quickly make HTML class adjustments until the result looks just right.

In this article, we’ll try to walk through the naming conventions that various frameworks and design systems use when it comes to typography, especially headings sizing.

CSS utility classes for headings sizing and naming conventions

New AWR website

Last month we’ve launched the new Advanced Web Ranking website and I wrote some lines on how we did it. It’s mostly about the workflow and tools that helped us in order to achieve a faster and more accessible website.

Advanced Web Ranking redesign

Always strive to improve yourself

Yeah I know the title is a cliche but I just couldn’t help it. Everyone could be a little better, but the thing is that some people don’t even try.

Getting better

AWRStudyr Chrome extension or what I've been up to lately

If you’d ask me what I’ve been up lately, I’d say: working, reading, learning - pretty much just like you, I guess. The thing is it’s been a while since I wrote something here and my first article this year is about AWRstudyr, a Chrome extension I’ve been working lately and it’s something I’ve put lots of effort into it.

AWRstudyr screenshot

Web design is not just web design anymore

I’ve wanted to write this article for some time now, and this time I made it.

It’s been a while since doing web design isn’t just like making stuff nice in Photoshop and then pass it to somebody else to slice it and deliver. In the meantime, designers have learned to code and nowadays, being a good web designer means to have the ability to combine your design skills with things like usability and accessibility knowledge in order to deliver the best user experience. Oh, and I almost forgot about SEO - you really need to know to handle your markup so that search engines like you.

web design

SEOface icons

There are a lot of great icon packs in the wild, but if you’re particularly looking for some SEO icons like stats, analytics, rankings or localization then you may want a bit more diversity to choose from.

SEOface icons