The outline dotted border and the image replacement technique

If you are a web developer then you surely know what is an image replacement technique and what that means. One of the most common CSS techniques is the Phark Method, a very good and simple method.

Although this is very used, I noticed developers tend to skip fixing Firefox appearance of a dotted border that goes to the edge of the screen. In this tutorial I will show you how this can be fixed in a simple way.

Image replacement technique and dotted border

Submit form on enter key using anchor

These days I tested what’s happening if you have a form and instead a submit input you choose to submit the form using an anchor. If you do that, you will notice that the form won’t submit on ENTER key. So how can we submit a form on enter key using anchor?

Center a block element without knowing its width

Centering an element may seem quite simple thinking that “text-align:center” will solve the problem. Or maybe set “width” and “margin: 0 auto”, but what happens when you need to center a block element with variable width?

In this article you’ll learn how to center a block element with variable width.

By default div has auto width

Add drop shadow effect using CSS text-shadow property

One of the CSS properties people like to use nowadays is the CSS text-shadow property. The text-shadow property represents a comma separated list of shadow effects to be applied to the text of the element.

The times when you had to use the CSS image replacement technique for a simple text shadow effect are gone.

Things you should know about CSS anatomy

I often notice people tend to use stylesheets without knowing its structure meaning. That’s why, in this tutorial I will try to present you the CSS components structure.

CSS Structure

Get rid of Safari's blue input outer glow once and for all

Please keep in mind that removing the default outline styles should always be used with caution and adding an alternative styling is mandatory.

When you’re building web interfaces or just websites you always need to do cross-platform browser testing. As we saw, inputs inherits different styles from browsers and you need to style them. In this article i will show you how simple is to remove Safari’s glowing blue outline.

Here's a quick way to style an input button

I assume there was at least one time when you wanted to add more appeal to a html input and at that moment you didn’t knew how. We all know how boring looks an input when we use it without styling it and that’s why today I will show you the way to get rid of this old-style input.